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BRF Consulting celebrates 2 years of partnership with and AICG

Since 2021 BRF Consulting has been providing development services to, a modern data and analytics solution developed by AICG, a company from North Carolina. has a modern data stack based on 3 pillars:

  1. Data Orchestration and Synchronization with pre-defined connectors for Salesforce, Quickbooks, Xero, Oracle NetSuite and a few other cloud technologies and applications

  2. Analytics Packages and Pre-built Data Models

  3. Cloud Data Warehouse Management

This end-to-end analytics platform allows companies to quickly connect and analyze their data. runs on Snowflake Data Cloud, dbt Labs, Amazon AWS and Google GCP, you can find more details about their solution on those articles

BRF Consulting celebrates 2 year partnership to DataLakeHouse

BRF Consulting is thankful to the founders Christian Screen and Mike Jelen who have a vast experience on the Data Engineering business. They created a unique and modern solution aligned with the market needs.

About the author: Angelo Buss is a Solutions Architect and the founder of BRF Consulting - an official partner of, AICG, Snowflake, dbt Labs and Salesforce.

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