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BRF Consulting presents a successful case for LedWave using Salesforce

Updated: May 22

LedWave is a pioneer in manufacturing and distribution of LED Panels. They have operations in the United States and Brazil as well as servicing customers in Argentina, Paraguay and other countries.

In May 2023, BRF Consulting partnered with LedWave to implement Salesforce with a goal of improving sales and customer satisfaction. These are some of the important milestones to date:

  1. Migrated all data from Nectar CRM into Salesforce platform;

  2. Developed a custom application to support their Sales, Projects and Logistics teams with more than 60 licensed users;

  3. Integrated with Heroku and developed a custom solution with Python to generate proposals directly on PowerPoint;

  4. Built a LWC and Apex triggers to help the organize the Receipts related to the Closed Won Opportunities;

  5. Built a integrated proposal system with LWC and Apex triggers to replace a manual process using spreadsheets for the Sales teams.

LedWave has grown more than 20% since they started using Salesforce by improving and automating important processes for the entire organization.

LedWave, a pioneer on LED panels

BRF Consulting will be hosting a webinar about this successful case on June, 12th, 2024, you can register here (LinkedIn site will be posted soon).

Thank you to Tiago Britto, the founder of LedWave, and also his vice president Alessandro Batista for the opportunity to share their insights and assist your team on this journey. We look forward to building a long term relationship!

About the author: Angelo Buss is the founder of BRF Consulting, a company specialized on Salesforce and Heroku.

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