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BRF Consulting Presents Veezoo: Natural Language Analytics with Snowflake connectivity

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

BRF Consulting has a new partnership with, a modern Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution with connectivity to several Databases such as Oracle, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake Computing.

In this exercise let's first create the database connectivity under the Veezoo Studio Knowledge Graph:

After selecting the Snowflake connectivity, inform the host name (without the https), username, password and the desired database and schema. Let's use the snowflake_sample_data database and the tpch_sf1schema which has the smaller amount of data to be analysed. Don't forget to inform the warehouse=DEMO_WH under the properties.

Select the desired tables and click on Import.

After importing the tables click on Go back to Veezoo

On the Veezoo chat, type how many Customer and click on Ask.

Veezoo returns the number of customers and also displays a sample data bellow.

Compare the results back on Snowflake which should tie out.

Now type how many Customer by C Mktsegment, Veezoo creates a horizontal bar graph with the results.

Conclusion: Veezoo has an innovative Natural Language Analytics with lots of features, graphs and simple commands for technical and business users. It runs on cloud and can also be deployed in on-premise environments; Plus Veezoo has a great pricing model for any size of companies.

Did you get interested? Get in touch with for more details about Veezoo and other BRF Consulting technologies.

About the author: Angelo Buss is a Solutions Architect and works for BRF Consulting - a Veezoo partner with experience on BI and Big Data implementation.

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