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BRF Consulting starts partnership with dbt Labs!

Updated: Apr 17

On April 2022 BRF Consulting starts a partnership with dbt Labs, a sophisticated technology tools for Data Transformation strongly used by Snowflake Data Cloud and a few other databases.

Since 2019 BRF Consulting implemented more than 10 successful projects for our USA customers using dbt. Currently all of our clients are running dbt CLI or dbt Cloud; we plan to expand our capabilities with this fantastic technology.

We are thankful for Bryan McGibony and Bobby Birstock for providing us a great demo about dbt Labs products and also the BRF Consulting team who are working on Data Engineering.

BRF Consulting is also hiring Data Engineers with dbt experience everywhere on planet Earth, more details on

About the author: Angelo Buss is a Solutions Architect and the founder of BRF Consulting - a dbt Labs partner with expertise on Data Engineering.

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