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How to deploy Snowflake objects to DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION databases using SnowHub

Updated: Apr 17

Any Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence project should have at least three distinct databases for development, testing and production. Snowflake computing has a great feature to clone databases and schemas, however it is not versioned and it can be hard to administrate as the project goes.

During then deployment phases, the administrators may need more sophisticated resources and git tools. SnowHub has a great feature to facilitate the downstream deployment between any Snowflake instances, databases and schemas your company may have.

Generate DDLs using SnowHub

First generate the DDL scripts and version control following this article How to Generate DDL for Snowflake Objects directly to GitHub using SnowHub

Select a source branch on SnowHub

On SnowHub, select the source branch where the DDL scripts will be pulled from GitHub.

Create a new database on Snowflake

Deploy into Snowflake using SnowHub

Select the database and a Schema you want to deploy the objects. In case you want to keep the same schema, leave the default option.

Click on deploy to and go to your Snowflake instance, notice all the objects are there. SnowHub just creates new objects such as tables and views and does not replace any existing object.


SnowHub makes easy the downstream deployment to Snowflake with zero risk to replace any existing object. It allows even deployment for clients with multi accounts in different regions.

About the author: Angelo Buss is a Solutions Architect and works for BRF Consulting - a Snowflake consulting partner specialized on BI and Big Data.

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