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BRF Consulting celebrates its 8th anniversary!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

On this November, 5th 2021, BRF Consulting celebrates its 8th anniversary!

Since the beginning, we've achieved more than 40 successful projects related to Salesforce, BI and Big Data with several technologies such as Snowflake Data Cloud, DBT, Streamsets, ODI, AWS Lamba, OBI and Oracle Analytics.

Our team worked in partnership with Red Pill Analytics, Aptitive and our newest partner AICG.

We also developed, a modern tool to facilitate the development for Snowflake. has already more than 20 registered users!

Currently BRF Consulting has 20 collaborators distributed in 7 Brazilian cities, Lisbon and Dominican Republic. We wouldn't achieve so much without this fantastic team, thank you everyone for your hard work and commitment!

About the author: Angelo Buss is the founder of BRF Consulting, you can follow him on

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