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BRF Consulting celebrates its 9th anniversary!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

With almost a decade of existence, BRF Consulting is getting known as a modern and efficient information technology firm. This success is based on our working quality and commitment to our clients and partners with more than 45 successful projects delivered since our beginning! We also got more than 1100 followers on Linked In!

BRF Consulting celebrates its 9th anniversary!
BRF Consulting celebrates its 9th anniversary!

We are proud to be partners of Snowflake Data Cloud, Salesforce, dbt Labs, DataLakeHouse and Red Pill Analytics. Recently we became partners to SqlDBM and also Journey Engine, all of them listed on Together we are getting great achievements and satisfied customers.

Our 24 people international team of Data and Software Engineers are working in several cities from Brazil, United States, Canada, Portugal, Argentina and Italy. Thank you everyone at BRF Consulting for your commitment and hard work.

About the author: Angelo Buss is a Solutions Architect and the founder of BRF Consulting

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