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BRF Consulting celebrates 7th anniversary providing outstanding BI, Salesforce, Software development

Updated: May 11, 2022

On November 5th 2020, BRF Consulting (Brazil Force Consulting) celebrates its 7th anniversary providing offshore development to Business Intelligence, Salesforce and overall Software Programming. BRF has partnered with two United States-based companies: Red Pill Analytics and Aptitive, a Chicago consulting firm. From its foundation, BRF has successfully assisted more than 21 customers, and currently, it has six ongoing Cloud projects related to Snowflake, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Azure and Salesforce.

BRF Consulting offers the following advantages: first, they hire the best full-stack developers; second, their offshore model reduces project costs, and third, BRF team works in the same time zone their US clients.

The IT offshore business is dominated by companies in India, however companies such as BRF Consulting is a great option for US companies who are looking for advanced IT solutions. The technology market in Brazil is very advanced, which means the BRF Consulting team is prepared to work with any BI and cloud technology.

In addition to consulting services, BRF also launched SnowHub.Cloud, a modern web application designed to facilitate the development for Snowflake Computing, the most innovative cloud database in the market. SnowHub was developed based on Snowflake customer needs, so they could achieve the best results with this technology.

For the coming years, BRF Consulting plans to continue providing outstanding results for its partners and clients regardless of the challenges ahead.

I am very thankful for everyone in my company for your hard work.

Angelo Buss

Founder and Solutions Architect

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